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Thursday, March 20, 2014


I am usually pretty careful to bring you, my two or three avid readers, the Nice Toupees of people in public life who I think deserve or at least can handle the attention their cranial carpetry draws, or should draw, upon them.  I don't do hatchet jobs on people who are just trying to run a company, produce a product or be a local politician, though many of them have some pretty startling plumage glued to their erstwhile gleaming dome.  Like Bill Gates.  BUT, I present to you now the off-the-rack headgear of one Dr. Mohammed Naseem.

Why, you may ask. Well I will tell you why. As related by our charming friends at Pink News (Europe's Largest Gay News Service) beneath that sculpted hunk of neo-hair is the chairman of a Birmingham, England, mosque who has "defended comments he made linking homosexuality to paedophilia, murder and gambling."

Okay, he has a right to his beliefs.  I don't know what Islamic teachings are about an elderly gentleman slapping a chestnut-toned toup on his sconce in the vain effort to deny God's gift of baldness, but let's compare him with the lovely Asifa Lahore, Britain’s “first and only Muslim drag queen.”

Who would you rather date? My answer - THE BELIEVABLE ONE.  Nice toupee, Naseem.  REAL nice toupee you got there.  OH yeah.

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