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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Lee Van Cleef

Last night I was watching a Spaghetti Kung Fu Western Comedy called Blood Money, a.k.a. The Stranger and the Gunfighter, etc., starring Lee Van Cleef.  Why, you may ask.  Because I have a kind of grudging fan relationship with Antonio Margheriti, a.k.a. Anthony M. Dawson because he directed my favorite SF movie of all time, Wild Wild Planet, that is why, and he directed this movie about a gunfighter and a kung fu fighter trying to find a vast fortune of some kind that the clues to its location are tattooed on four different women's butts.  So there is a certain amount of going around getting women to show this Chinese guy their naked heinies, which is kind of amusing for a western to have in it.  Anyway there is one scene where the two protagonists meet in jail and I see Lee Van Cleef looking like this:
 And I am like what the hell, man.  Strangely, throughout most of the movie he looks pretty much like this:
Fairly believable, right?  But in that one scene, in fact just that one camera angle it looks like they ran out of toupees and made him wear a small black bowl on his head.  From the other angle it doesn't look like that.  Just that one camera setup, shot through the bars, they couldn't find his toup and somebody had a black sock they weren't using so they just laid it on top of his dome and said let's just shoot this and nobody will notice.  Well I noticed.  That is my job.  Nice toupee, Lee.

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