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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bret Michaels and the Curse of the Baldana

Few topics spur more heated debate in toupee circles than the do-rag or "baldana."  While a toupee proclaims, however unconvincingly, "I still have hair," the baldana mumbles equivocally, "I might still have hair... but I still rock.  Mostly."  Bret Michaels is a guy who was in a rock band, and he has done his best to make the baldana into the Rock Star Toupee.  He is arguably the greatest living proponent of the baldana.
Bret must have started getting big parking lots on the side of his bean at an early age.  He just decided, "This will be my style.  I will rock this baldana, and people will be too stoked with my radicalness to stop and imagine the shining Bing Crosby dome that crowns my totally rocking self."

As the gleam of his shining pate expanded, so did his baldana, raising NO QUESTIONS WHATEVER about the rocking lack of  locks on his kick-ass cranium.  Nobody even wonders how much he looks like Benjamin Franklin when he strips off that subtle cloth.  Let's be honest here for one moment.  The toupee is one of mankind's noblest creations.  The baldana, like its elder brother The Bald Guy Cap, is a shameful embarrassment to both wearer and viewer.  It is a humiliating dome-diaper that degrades us all. Shame be upon all who wear it.

Cameron Mitchell

Hollywood veteran Cameron Mitchell in footage from Cataclysm a.k.a. The Nightmare Never Ends (1980), recycled in the chopped up mess Night Train to Terror (1985).  You don't often get the classic Magnified Eye motif paired with a really killer toupee like this.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Kevin James

Kevin James is a comic actor.  I saw him on Ellen Degeneres with a crew-cut toupee once that was amazing.  I couldn't believe she didn't say "What the hell is going on with that thing on your head, man?"

I never watched the show he was on but I am a huge fan of his rug.

Andrew Lincoln

Andrew Lincoln is an actor on a TV show about zombies.
I hate zombies but I like toupees.

There are no bad photos of  Andrew's toup.  It always looks great.

Ramin Mehmanparast

Ramin Mehmanparast, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson, and his splendid salt and pepper hair helmet.

I'm not sure when it is that a toupee becomes a wig. This is what inspired me to finally make my dream of a toupee blog come true.